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ReEntry, Incorporated at 414 Fayetteville St. in downtown Raleigh, a private, non-profit corporation, directly serves both the adult and juvenile court administers the Capital Area Teen Court program. Teen Court is under the umbrella of ReEntry Youth Development. Teen Court is a diversion/sentencing option in which youthful offenders admit responsibility for their offenses and agree to be sentenced in a court of their pers. The program is volunteer-based with middle and high school students who act as defense and prosecuting attorneys, clerk, bailiff, and jury. Adult volunteers help supervise the jurors during deliberation and conduct exit interviews with the offenders and their families. Judges volunteer to preside in the courtroom (the only adult in the court process) and attorneys volunteer their time as attorney mentors and occasional judges. Cases are held in the Wake County Courthouse on the first and third Tuesday of every month unless school or holiday schedules force a change. All offenders must complete their sentences in no more than 90 days. Recidivism is low and many former defendants return to the program as volunteers.

School Resource Officers, School Administrators (when there is no SRO in the school), Community Police, Detectives, Magistrates, Juvenile Court Intake and Assistant District Attorneys (in Juvenile Court and District Court) may refer cases to Teen Court.

Teen Court Eligible Offenses
The above documents contain a list of sanctions for Teen Court

Skills Groups 
(Choices and Theft Talk) with parent and/or law enforcement recommendations

Our Address
316 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, N. C. 27601
The Teen Court Coordinator has the final say on whether or not a case is appropriate for Teen Court. Therefore, do not tell families or offenders they will automatically be accepted.
Contact the youth and his or her parent or guardian. If you are an SRO, you can discuss Teen Court as an option, then the parent or guardian is notified of suspension and comes to the school to pick up the child. Briefly explain what Teen Court is and recommend that the youth complete the Teen Court program. Give the family a Teen Court brochure. Help the family complete the referral form and read aloud the statements made by both yourself and the family to ensure that they understand what they are signing. If you have any questions, call the director at 856-7594. If you would like to attend the hearing, please indicate that on the referral form (see bottom of the page) or by phone. You will be notified when a youth you have referred completes his or her sentence and are always welcome to call to find out a particular youth's progress. Fax or mail the referral form (obtained below) to the Executive Director. Please attach a brief summary of the incident also.
Referral Form
Mail the following form to:
Capital Area Teen Court
P.O. Box 724
Raleigh, NC 27602
Or fax it to: 919-856-5673 

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